It’s a question we are ask quite often, not only in our boat ride business, but also in our fishing charter business. People are always very curious why they can only bring 6 passengers. For your pleasure we primarily use bay boats for our ride business so their size limits how many people we should have on board, but the main reason is that’s all we’re allowed to take legally.

The majority of commercial charter/tour boats, probably 80%, in the area are what’s call 6-pack or uninspected vessels. In order for a boat to take more than 6 people the United States Coast Guard must be involved during the building on the boat. All boats operated commercially require the captain to hold a USCG Captains License that requires extensive testing, drug tests, and physicals every five years.

If you have a group bigger than six we have an easy fix though, we can just split you between two, three, or four boats. We’ll stick together so you’ll never be out of sight of your friends and family and of course we’ll make the same stops. We feel this is a great option compared to climbing aboard a boat loaded with fifty or sixty people you don’t know. You’re looking forward to a relaxing time with your husband or wife and children, but instead you spend two hours listening to a baby scream. You’ll only make that mistake once, trust me.

Give us a call at Fun in the Sun Boats Rides (Pensacola Boat Rides) and lets us show you around beautiful Pensacola Bay or take a trip down the Intercoastal Waterway to Destin or Orange Beach. We have multiple boats available at numerous times daily so if you don’t see your desired time on our booking calendar don’t hesitate to give us a call.