Pickup Locations


Pensacola Beach Marina

Portofino Resort (Pensacola Beach)

Portofino Island Resort is one of our pickup locations, but it can only be used by people staying at the resort unfortunately. Portofino makes up a large portion of our available lodging on Pensacola Beach and the property is second to none, it’s amazing. If you’re coming to town and looking for somewhere to stay this is a great option. They have multiple pools, restaurants, bars, and a pile of things to do with access to both the Gulf of Mexico and Santa Rosa Sound. If we’re picking you up at Portofino all you have to do is walkout to the end of the dock and wait, we’ll pull right up and get you.

Shoreline Park (Gulf Breeze)

Shoreline Park is located in Gulf Breeze, this is a small city located between Pensacola Beach and Pensacola. It’s one of our most popular parks and boat launches in town. This is a good pickup spot if you’re traveling from Navarre or anywhere down Highway 98 to the east. The park has gazebos, bathrooms, showers, and plenty of parking. If you’re looking to grab lunch before or after your trip one of the locals favorite restaurants is about two minutes away. It’s called Aegean Breeze and it’s started at a greek restaurant, but the seafood is second to none. There’s also pizza, sushi, and a sports bar nearby.