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Pensacola is our hometown and we are lucky, very lucky. It’s a beautiful place to visit and a great place to live there’s no doubt about that. One of the best things about Pensacola is that we have our beach and our beach atmosphere, but we also have a great downtown and inland city with excellent restaurants, bars, shopping, and breweries.

The city is about as rich with history as you will find anywhere. In 1559 Tristan de Luna established a short-lived settlement at Pensacola Bay; it was the first multi-year European settlement in what is now the continental United States but was abandoned after two years.

On all of our Pensacola Bay rides we cruise by both Fort Pickens and Fort McRae and if you would like you can get out and investigate. Fort McRae is only accessible by boat so your trip is a good time to take advantage of that opportunity. Fort Pickens was one of three forts guarding the entrance to Pensacola Bay, was held by Federal troops during the Civil War, and remaining Union forces in the city also evacuated there.

We also have an local island of our own called Sand Island, it’s a tall pile of sand and kids absolutely love it. Sand Island is located down by Pensacola Pass and we can pull right up to it, once there you can picnic, play in the sand, or swim in the crystal-clear water.

Pensacola also has plenty of waterfront restaurants and bars if you’re interested in going to lunch by boat, that’s something that is always fun. Flounders Chowder House, Oar House, Paradise Bar and Grill, Frisky Dolphin, Shaggys, Jaco’s, and the Oyster Bar are all great places to tie up and grab a bite to eat. If you’re going to lunch during your ride you will need to add an additional hour to your two hour trip.