Dolphin Tours Pensacola

Pensacola Bay

dolphin tours pensacola

Pensacola Bay offers boaters a long list of things to see and do on a daily basis. Visit old forts, watch dolphins, or hit one of the secluded beaches for some fun. 

Visit Orange Beach

dolphin tours pensacola

Forty miles from Pensacola lies the awesome city of Orange Beach, Alabama.  Spend the day shopping and enjoying the bars and restaurants at The Wharf or hit the beach at Robinson Island. 

Visit Destin

dolphin tours pensacola

Destin is just fifty miles from Pensacola and is an absolute must visit for anyone vacationing in the area. It’s loaded with things to do, great food, and shopping.

About Fun in the Sun Boat Rides

A boating adventure with Fun in the Sun Boat Rides is a must do if you’re visiting Pensacola, Pensacola Beach, Navarre, or Perdido Key. We have numerous pickup locations throughout the area and can even pick you up at your private dock if you’re staying on the water

Fun in the Sun is own and operated by a group of the best fishing guides in Pensacola. When you climb aboard with one of our captains you are in the hands of someone with extensive experience and someone who knows the area and local waters as well as anyone.

Our goal is for you to have a fun and exciting time while on our boats. With that being said we basically tailor each trip around what you and your family or friends want to do. There’s a long list of things to do, but we can dolphin watch, visit beaches only accessible by boat, or hit up one of the local waterfront restaurants or bars.

Coming to Pensacola and not spending some time on a boat is a huge mistake, so if fishing doesn’t peak your interest and climbing aboard a boat with fifty other people isn’t what you classify a good time give us a call and let’s setup a private trip for your group.

pensacola boat rides

Our Boats

pensacola boat rides

Our boats are great, they are designed to go fast and provide riders with a smooth ride. They range in length from 22 to 24 and are all Cape Horn, Ranger, Pathfinder, and Blazer Bay Boats.

Depending on our destination we will travel thirty to fifty miles an hour so it won’t feel like you’re on a slow boat to china. Most other tour boats you climb aboard are very slow and with only a couple hours they are unable to get very far and truly show you what Pensacola has to offer. Our speed make it possible for us to go to Destin or Orange Beach and we are the only company who offers that locally.

Unfortunately the majority of our boats do not have any type of cover, but don’t worry the wind while riding will keep you cool, even when it’s a hundred degrees outside. We also do not have bathrooms, but are never more than five to ten minutes away from a public restroom.

From our Blog


Matthew Cole

My wife and children were dying to go on one of the dolphin tours, but I was not interested in being on a boat with fifty other tourist, so we opted for a private trip. The fam saw all of the dolphins they cared to and I was able to enjoy my beers in peace.

Emily Halstead

The visit Destin tour is awesome, but be prepared for some riding time. We opted to visit Crab Island for some swimming and playing in the water instead of going to the boardwalk and it was a great decision.

Mark Alexander

My wife and I did the private Pensacola Bay boat ride while we were visiting Pensacola Beach on our anniversary vacation and it was great. We ask if we could go later and it was not a problem, we went at sunset and the captain took us to a private beach.

Julie Morehouse

We did the two hour Pensacola Bay adventure and it was an absolute blast. We departed from Portofino and went to sand island near Pensacola Pass where the kids played on the giant sand hills.

Allison Monroe

What a Blast! Our captain picked us up in Pensacola within walking distance of our hotel and took us to the Florabama for some frosty adult beverages. Sight seeing on the way was awesome, a beautiful body of water.

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